Betty’s voice is fluid and sinuous as it weaves a spell upon me. The accompaniment is impeccable. It is warm immediate and cozy like a small dark jazz club in an alley in inner Paris or at the Blue Note. “Tu coules dans mes veines” is a siren’s song that is as slippery as a sea creature covered in moss. “Far More Blue” is smoky, cool and remote in a brick room. “Je ne t’aime pas” is so silky and evokes noir WWII movies with its evocative and emotional delivery.

I love the “a bientôt” at the end! It is a good bookend to the CD, a very personal and moving record of this unique offering.

Jordan Hines, artist

Whether she’s singing in French or English, I love listening to Betty Roi take me through the wonderfully emotional patisserie of her album “Enchanté.”  Each song creates an experience rich in playful jazz vocals woven through smoky cabaret standards.  Her voice is so rich and varied, so masterful in its handling of complex mood and range, that I feel transported to the romantic streets of Paris. These recordings will surprise and delight anyone who loves the complexity of Edith Piaf or the purity of Ella Fitzgerald.

Mary Swanson, painter and healer

In Enchanté, Betty uses her voice as an instrument, resisting the temptation to show off and move into sensationalism.  The selection of contemporary melodies is thoroughly enjoyable, and the imaginative addition of text to known tunes is excellent.

Borge Madsen, painter

Enchanté is truly spellbinding…the music and lyrics seamlessly blend French and American sensibilities, working together to poetically evoke a wide range of emotions and images. Betty’s captivating voice is like a fine red wine — full-bodied, rich, smooth and layered with many notes, leaving you with a warm feeling inside.

Margaret Huang, PR consultant

I love this one! This CD was the sound track for our summer vacation.  It is a fun and eclectic collection of Jazz in French and English.  We listened to Betty’s unique musical arrangements and beautiful vocals over and over and over and never grew tired of it.

Sharone Mendes-Nassi