La Chanteuse de Paris

To hear Betty in her element as a mature, expressive and accomplished singer is a supreme pleasure, as well as a lot of fun! After years of hearing Betty’s exciting performances of French Cabaret music, it’s fantastic that she’s finally made this recording.  Her vocal precision and playful soprano voice is the perfect vehicle for these songs!

Laurie Antonioli, Chair of Vocal Jazz Studies at the Jazz School in Berkeley California, and vocal artist

Betty Roi is channeling all the French singers of my childhood. Suddenly, I am in a crammed Parisian flat, everybody is holding “un verre de rouge.” Women in short skirts, smoke on top of the piano. The accordion player is seated on the window sill, next to the geranium. “Please, sing another one. I need to cry and laugh. C’est si bon!”

Odile Lavault, founder of Baguette Quartette

Betty Roi evokes the smoky romance of a summer evening in Paris.  She always sings from her heart and with great awareness of the present moment. She breathes new life and imagination into these traditional songs.

David Udolf, pianist

If you are looking to transport yourself back to the ‘50s of Paris, give Betty Roi’s new album, La Chanteuse de Paris a listen.  The songs are lively, passionate and pure.  When listening to the CD I feel as through I’m sitting at the first row of tables at a Parisian cabaret, with Betty throwing in a little gratuitous flirtatiousness and grit to keep me smiling and begging for more!

Peter Wolff, health and wellness visionary, yoga teacher, music producer

Betty Roi IS “La Chanteuse de Paris,” taking us on an impassioned musical voyage. While authentic to the style of Chanson Française, her tone, natural phrasing and musicality give the repertoire a freshness and depth.  C’est un voyage qui vaut la peine, et je la remercie pour m’avoir invitée…. It is a trip worth taking, and I thank her for the invitation…

Sandy Cressman, vocalist and voice teacher

Betty is a multiple talent Artist. As a yoga teacher she creates a special experience in every single lesson, transforms her students’ bodies, and elevates their souls to a higher level. As a creator of this wonderful disk she brings back with her beautiful voice and sensitivity the essence of the Paris I remember.

Nili, yoga student

This CD of french chansons shows mastery of the tradition.  Betty re-creates the atmosphere of the genre which allows her to show the range and capabilities of her voice. Here is a woman full of positive energy who wants to try life out and find her own ways.

Borge Madsen, painter

This is great classic cabaret music that is lyrical, authentic, and with wonderful presence.

Otis Paul, MD pediatric ophthalmology

La Chanteuse de Paris is a delightful collection of French Cabaret.  Singing in her native tongue, Betty really brings these songs to life. She takes the French classics and creates an exciting contemporary sound. It is a perfect gift for my Francophile friends.

Sharone Mendes-Nassi

I am pleased that you enjoyed performing at the opening of Birth of Impressionism as much as we enjoyed having you-you hit the right note with your choice of songs and I loved your rendition of “La vie en rose.” Thank you so much for the copy of your CD! I look forward to playing it with my favorite song listed as number#1.

John E Buchanan Jr.
Director of the De Young and Legion of Honor Museums

Haunting, evocative, luscious…Betty’s offerings are rich tapestries that call us deep into our own hearts.  She has created a truly luminous offering that is perfect to practice with, use for bodywork or bring you back to yourself after a full day.  I love them!!!!

Darcy Lyon, therapist and yoga teacher

At last Betty has given the world two new collections of music, completely different from each other and yet both reflecting different facets of her sparkling personality.

“La Chanteuse de Paris” is a wonderfully enjoyable collection of chansons francaises.  The songs are full of joy and life energy and the unique beauty that is the Paris of our dreams.  Betty sounds so radiant and self-assured on all of these songs.  They are truly in her blood, and each of the songs feels like a gift she happily shares with us–windows into the world of Paris that helped to make her into the distinctive, actualized person her friends have come to know and love.

“La Lumiere de Son” gives us a completely different, and amazing, look into Betty’s soul.  These chants for meditation seem to channel and focus energies from many different sources–different cultures, moods, and spiritual approaches–and allow us to feel for the moment what it is like to be at peace within oneself and to be at one with the world.

When I listen to Betty’s remarkably pure, focused voice on these tracks (and the sympathetic instrumental accompaniment provided by Jonathan Alford and others), I feel that is possible to know serenity.  I feel that Betty’s physical body is a well-tuned instrument in perfect condition to transmit a pure, radiant light that comes from afar but is also available to each of us from within the deepest part of our selves.  Each piece on this collection instantly seems so right, so flawless, that it is easy to forget that Betty and her fellow musicians composed and collaborated together to create these beautiful moments of music and spirituality.

Thank you, Betty, for these two unique and wonderful gifts you have made from your own self.  I know they will bring much joy and light to everyone who is fortunate enough to listen to them.

Barry Warren